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About The Site


Life never works out the way you planned. Sure there are those obnoxious few who seem to have it all together, successful career, great relationships, good looks, and lots of money. Let’s be honest though, as much as we all wish to be them we know those people are boring.  It’s easy to forget in the interim, however, that life is something to laugh about. The absurdity of day to day life really should be what its all about. Here at not so interesting.com, we work to remind you of the crazy that surrounds you. We are here to make you laugh, feel better about yourself, or provide you further mocking material. We’re here for you, the reader! YOU! The struggling grad student with little or no funding, the unemployed 30 something, the struggling comedian, the single mom or single dad, the internet startup failure, the uncommon pet owner, and all the rest of the self deprecating overly cynical semi obsessive anti socialites out there. 

Here you’re a scenester too! 

While we reserve the right to include various seemingly random anecdotes about our lives and the others, we focus our attention on three main topics:

Turtles and Tortoises – The great shelled friend of Darwin and fantastically underrated pet. We are committed to presenting you the highest quality news, photos, and gratuitous pimping of our favorite animals. We’ll show you they’re not just pet rocks.

Multiple Sclerosis and Chronic Illness – Sounds like a depressing topic. In some ways it really is. Here at Not So Interesting we strive to present information and personal experiences from a community of people living with the aforementioned issues. At the same time, however, we hope to bring to light the humor and awkwardness that makes these situations survivable. If you can’t laugh at yourself…

Positive Thinking For Losers – A collection of random images, videos, articles, and quotes from the worlds greatest cynics, comedians, and regular ole’ twisted people. Its the part of life we love so why not collect it here for you all in one place… you know you’re too lazy to look for this crap yourself.

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