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Video & Sound Work

War (Redux) – A Reworked, extended version of War, a found footage film exploring trauma, mental health, and the process of development from child to adult.


Exposition – Part of the work in progress project. Exploring personal experience, memory, time and universal narrative.”The labels “narrative” and “exposition” in fact reflect conglomerates of characteristics that affect text processing. However, these characteristics are not found exclusively in one type of text or the other–a narrative can possess many of the characteristics of exposition and vice versa. If children do tend to have greater difficulty with expository text, it is because expository text tends to have certain traits that produce heightened psychological processing difficulty.”

9:2– (click link to view) found footage explores personal change as process and experience. The piece also explores, through subtle reference, the history of avant-garde and experimental film tradition while employing new mediums of visual media collection.Images of 9:2 from ArtsCentral

War– (click link to view)found footage film exploring trauma and the process of development from child to adult.

EC – Documentary about the Massachusetts Emergency Contraception Legislation

Zoetrope – (click link to view)Feuerbach, Debord, Baudrillard (an exercise)

SOTU – interpreting the 2003 state of the union through sound. (Play Below)

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