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Shock & Awe Multimedia Installation Show Massachusetts College of Art
Dec 6, 2004

torsos constructed from selected bible pages, footage of Shock and Awe campaign in Iraq.


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outdoor public projection for ArtsCentral

Based on the ideas expressed in Pierre Bourdieu’s Distinction: A
social critique of the judgement of taste
, the piece uses the work of

local poet Frank Possemato and attempts to recontextualize traditional
ideas of artistic space, literary space, and urban environments.

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The Life Lessons Wall – De-privatizing emotional space and social connectedness.Cyberspace, namely the rise of online journals and personal websites, has created a new method of externalizing internal processes to borderless audiences while maintaining a form of anonymity through the creation of preformed identities. Individual’s present emotions for the assessment of others and attempt to connect with others wholly removed from face to face experience and removed from any “subjective” knowledge of the individuals self, such as ethnic identity. This has the potential to reveal a deeper understanding of the ways in which bridging capital can be formed and alludes to the need for a deeper understanding of the ways preformed identity has shifted with the growth of technology.


In this vein, the project seeks to explore new conceptions of social space through a public installation piece projecting life lessons via an interactive map. The goal of the project is to bring private public emoting into a physical public space, fostering conversations based on experiential similarities and differences beyond physical boarders. At the same time, it seeks to elucidate space based differences in levels of emoting and changes in performed identity. The project will also include a demographic analysis of participants along with a brief qualitative analysis of the statements submitted.

Submissions for the project can be both anonymous or can include your name. Submitting indicates that you allow the submitted material to be used in this project. Though words will not be altered, submissions may be edited for length.

Small or Large, profound or trite, send some things you’ve learned about life as you’ve grown. These will be added to a compilation of life lessons for use in a public art work. Please keep them to a sentence or so each, but send as many as you like. Include your email if you’d like to receive updates on the project.

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